Video Projects

I have been using creative techniques, specialising with digital imagery, simple animation and video for consultancy projects ever since I started using the internet for publishing everything and anything. It started in prior incarnations when I worked for a QUANGO, when I harboured a part time ambition to create innovative democratic tools to gauge public opinion.

Using creative approaches in the rather conservative and bureaucratic environments of government turned out to be quite challenging, but to mind mind was no different to starting a difficult meeting with a joke. If well-delivered a joke can defuse a tense situation and set the tone for a better conversation or dialogue with the audience, and I remember one such occasion that was the prelude to telling me I was going to lose my job and need to consider my career.

There’s a polemical theme to most of the more recent productions, as they start with a simple provocation … forcing the viewer to take note, perhaps by using difficult music to create tension or anxiety. There is no claim that they are arty, even I use that category myself at times, but even then that is a joke as I elide the missing consonant.

Longer arty and polemical projects aside I use short clips for social media posts as a way to lighten up otherwise tedious or boring material. The lo fi production values are often deliberate and call on the Dogme rules in a pick and choose fashion (for I add music and visual effects later, but often content with what is captured randomly).