Connecting Dunbar set out to survey travel behaviour of residents and local visitors to Dunbar, focusing on journeys of less than 5 miles which could transfer to walking or cycling.

Responses from 520 households, 450 school pupils and 80 employees from all areas of Ward 7 were gathered in. The task was how to represent selected portions of the data in meaningful and useful ways. Sankey style diagrams were used to show the so-called desire-lines.

For example, almost 1300 individual comments about daily travel were received. Most of the household comments that were geocode-able are mapped on this website. These are simple but dynamic maps, so you can zoom in and out or use the yellow man to visit the location using Google Street View. And aggregate maps can be viewed on a topic basis.

Further information was also gathered from personal / family travel diaries. The Travel Diary data was summarised in Excel pivot tables and the data presented in a variety of formats on static maps.

We re-published the Sankey style maps over on, which has the ability to display large pdf files elegantly.

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