Recent Projects


some of the things I have been ‘working’ on …

in between renovating my old house, mainly making it look as old as it is and tending to my small garden, it shrunk during the 1980s, got smaller still in the noughties and now is just too small

and a little bit of nothing during lockdown …

Crikey … you are not so busy that you have time to keep your website up to date?

No, not really … this is very much ex post facto

I know that most people cannot keep their website up to the minute unless their business model depends entirely on it. If that is what you want to do – rely on your website for business, I can probably help you monetise it, make sure it is designed strictly around your proposition (without distractions) and looks the part. I can also help with marshalling your existing design assets or creating new ones, perhaps (if your budget extends to it) the creation of new assets and use video creatively to engage your audience.

Some recent projects are not at all recent

but its only recently I got around to publishing them

So …

if you have a stalled project that needs a rapid reboot, an overhaul, or re-orientating, want something done yesterday …

… project killing advice also available too if you need to close something down tidily without losing your hair.

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