Digital Transformation

Our Locality How Refreshing

When we first setup the ourlocality network we had global ambitions. This of course didn’t happen. What did happen though was gratifying all the same. After 5 years of operation, we are on our 3rd server and refreshed the site at least 3 times, with the latest release occurring just a few days ago. We’ve had hundreds of customers, some of whom have fledged and gone on to bigger and greater things.

More than just a swishy front end, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to manage the facilities and make them work even better. It is winter and time for pruning, so we we’re offloading a bunch of functions that are either under utilised or tricky to maintain. There are literally thousands of pieces of code that miraculously (our unpaid slaves again?) hold together.

The next stage of the development foresees the network establishing itself as the premier platform for community projects and startups in the locality. Already there is a wide range of projects and a small cohort of regular publishers. We’d like to see that cohort grow and get them to spend more productive time there, (and concurrently waste less time on facebook.)

OurLocality is wholly funded by Sustaining Dunbar, but quietly run by get the point ltd.

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