Digital Transformation

Ingredients to success

We’ve supported rather a lot of community projects, but the results are not always up to our usually high standards. So what are the ingredients of success? In a nutshell, some dedicated time, a plan, a desire to get it completed to a timescale and the freedom to decide all help.

Our prescription goes a long way:

  1. a simple plan or well-formed idea of who you are trying to appeal to and what you are trying to achieve
  2. some ready made content, perhaps from an existing site or from your own promotional literature, governance documents
  3. decent quality graphics or your website template will look rather similar to others, but we can help you short-cut that problem
  4. high quality images or your website will look home-made (which is ok if by design, but you want to avoid amateurish mistakes)
  5. time to think and time to write – a few hours to do your bit can be a struggle find, so some projects fail before they even start …
  6. some previous experience of web publishing helps, but not necessarily making html websites and dream weavers need not apply
  7. freedom to publish – if your committee can’t take decisions or just won’t delegate, your website may never get off the ground
  8. a small budget – we will ensure a little goes a long way, but if you have a larger budget great plus you’ll be amazed what can be achieved with no budget at all (but expect to do some leg work)
  9. a willingness to implement your plan on time – we rarely get blamed for delaying a project

What doesn’t help

  1. lack of time
  2. fantasies of perfection, infinite functionality or control and enterprise integrations (you don’t have a budget remember)
  3. covering your site with post its and posters or painting it garish colours – let the template and designer do the hard work
  4. failure to keep your site alive by adding new content
  5. forgetting you have a website and treating it like twitter or facebook (but we can show you how to make it into a social platform / network if you like!)
  6. pretending you don’t have a budget while putting buying newspaper adverts, banners, leaflets …