How walkable and cycleable is East Lothian?

It depends. The following map shows some illustrative isochrones (a travel time concept similar to isodistance) evaluated using Travel Time’s (TT) app for QGIS. The layers were simplified for web display when imported into ArcGis.Continue readingHow walkable and cycleable is East Lothian?

Better Rural Buses

Originally a free standing website, Better Rural Buses was ported over to when the domain was due to expire, to keep the project as a demonstration. Now it is only available as fragments via the Web Archive project. Functionally, the site was intended to allow anyone in the street…Continue readingBetter Rural Buses

Transport Surveys

Connecting Dunbar set out to survey travel behaviour of residents and local visitors to Dunbar, focusing on journeys of less than 5 miles which could transfer to walking or cycling. Responses from 520 households, 450 school pupils and 80 employees from all areas of Ward 7 were gathered in. The…Continue readingTransport Surveys