Digital Transformation

Website Self Sufficiency

Our aim is to help you become more self sufficient and get more from a small budget.

Whether you are looking at being be more productive or collaborate more effectively or simply want to create a conversation with your customers/audience.  Or perhaps you are looking to better integrate your systems.

What we won’t do

We won’t waste money on things that you don’t think will help your business.

We won’t shackle you with dated technology that only geeky experts can drive.

Lock you in with custom or proprietary code or product that you cannot take with you.

We won’t even punish if you then decide to work with others, in fact we’ll make the migration as smooth as possible.

Baffle you with jargon. (Interrupt us the moment we do!)

Tell you that we know when we don’t or pretend something is easy when it isn’t, or the other way around for that matter. (Though not everything is what it seems, so we reserve the right to change our mind!)

Tell you you need some new-fangled function, if you don’t.

Delay getting back to you if you have a problem or a question.

What we will do

We will explore your requirements and translate these into a manageable solution. This involves quite a lot of to-ing and fro-ing initially.

We will ensure customers and suppliers can find you and your products / services really easily without any dirty tricks or strange link strategies.

We will strive to give you the best of what is available today and that should upgrade smoothly so that it will also work tomorrow.

We will leverage your budget – ok we promised no jargon – you’ll get more for less!

We will give you access to a respectable bag full of tools that will help you tailor your site

Ensure you start off with a system that doesn’t prevent further investment / changes in direction.

We will provide you with the enough hands-on training, mentoring & support to get you going.

If you have rather more complex requirements or are really pernickety about design we’ll marshall those skills too, but make sure your budget actually covers this!

Now in the real world, some projects do go off course. Here are some reasons why:

  • an expectations gap develops (e.g. you thought were going to get something expensive for not very much at all)
  • poor specification / lack of time (e.g. if only it was easy for clients to articulate their requirements and extract them from their busy schedules)
  • no time to learn the ropes (e.g. without some understanding of your new system you may not get the most out of it)
  • what’s  important changes (e.g. you wanted to get started quickly and cheaply, but on reflection now want a more expensive solution … for the same money)
  • erratic communications (e.g. we get feedback only weeks or even months after we complete a task/ piece of work)

We will try to avoid all these common problems and tell what can and cannot be done within your budget. We have lots of people come to us who paid almost nothing for their bespoke template, but it doesn’t work properly; have a friend run their website, but who never has time to update it; who want to change their website, but don’t have time to explain what they want.

We will try and respond to all your questions or instructions promptly, which usually means within hours, often minutes, but never days or weeks.

If you ever have concerns we are just a phone call away and are always happy to meet with you on your own premises at a time that suits you.