Digital Transformation

Something Couthie

There’s an obligation to pull up your sleeves and get your hands dirty to help family, which extends to friends and neighbours, especially if they ask nicely.

In 2008, Couthie was a modest Greeting Cards venture (with 100s of different designs), and then newly incorporated. Based on the wife’s notion of world domination through traditional Scots humour and contemporary design, they leveraged their hitherto unknown brand assets. The partners in crime at the time had a rather simplistic database driven website that I had created a years or so earlier, but it was rather late 90s and they wanted more.

More, as every schoolboy knows, turned out to be a never ending piece of string. How long is a piece of string? A local network, networked backups and storage, cloud based everything, and umpteen microsites and much much more

  1. Couthie Original Designs and Gifts from Scotland
  2. Couthie Cards – Retro & Vintage Scottish Greeting Cards Scottish Greeting Cards Made in Scotland
  3. Couthie Games Fun and stuff
  4. Dinnae Fash (TM) Dinnae Fash Yersel this is just another Couthie project!
  5. Edinburgh Sightlines Original Papercut Lanterns
  6. Hoots! A wee book of classic Couthie humour
  7. London Mapped Out A Couthie goes to London Project!
  8. London Sightlines A Couthie goes to London Project!
  9. Scotland Mapped Out And another Couthie Project
  10. Wholesale – Designer Scottish Gifts Giftware designed in Scotland

In fact, the wholesale transactional website, the greetings cards website and the online quiz games websites are all long gone, now that the whole enterprise has been taken over by the good people at D&C, who received a surprisingly good deal when the digital assets were handed over at sale time.