Project Insights with

  Every so often a new and eye-catching online application appears on the scene. In the parallel world of the iPhone, they can take only seconds to learn and a seconds to forget, before they are consigned to the dustbin. Nevertheless just because something takes minutes to learn and no…Continue readingProject Insights with

Ingredients to success

We’ve supported rather a lot of community projects, but the results are not always up to our usually high standards. So what are the ingredients of success? In a nutshell, some dedicated time, a plan, a desire to get it completed to a timescale and the freedom to decide all…Continue readingIngredients to success

Community Mapping

The facility was set up to allow Sustaining Dunbar projects to access various digital data sets using a variety of free or very low cost GIS tools. The viewing facilities used Mapmaker, which has tools to create high quality printed maps, while ArcView was employed for rapid screen query, exploration…Continue readingCommunity Mapping

Transport Surveys

Connecting Dunbar set out to survey travel behaviour of residents and local visitors to Dunbar, focusing on journeys of less than 5 miles which could transfer to walking or cycling. Responses from 520 households, 450 school pupils and 80 employees from all areas of Ward 7 were gathered in. The…Continue readingTransport Surveys

Carbon Neutral Stenton

We received a design from Steven McGregor, commissioned by Carbon Neutral Stenton. Still untested, we uncovered a few issues that we quickly fixed. However there were some limitations with the template, including the lack of support for WP3’s dynamic menus and image handling support. In the end we decided to…Continue readingCarbon Neutral Stenton

WordPress Training

Just got a freshly pressed WordPress website, but cannot get your developer to provide support for love nor money? (Some designers and developers are so darn good that they can be kept very busy) Or perhaps you underestimated how little time you would have to get to know your system?Continue readingWordPress Training

First baby steps

After some toing and a bit of froing, OurLocality was launched last week.  You didn’t hear the fanfares?  Alas there were none. The idea behind Our Locality is a simple one: connecting all things local. To kick off with, we migrated Sustaining Dunbar onto the platform and created a number…Continue readingFirst baby steps

Migrating to Google Apps

There are around a dozen email users at Sustaining Dunbar.  Staff and volunteers have been using a variety of email clients and email providers to keep in touch.  Some were already users of consumer Gmail accounts, Google Calendars and Google Docs, while others used a range of email applications or…Continue readingMigrating to Google Apps

Website Self Sufficiency

Our aim is to help you become more self sufficient and get more from a small budget. Whether you are looking at being be more productive or collaborate more effectively or simply want to create a conversation with your customers/audience.  Or perhaps you are looking to better integrate your systems.Continue readingWebsite Self Sufficiency

Something Couthie

There’s an obligation to pull up your sleeves and get your hands dirty to help family, which extends to friends and neighbours, especially if they ask nicely. In 2008, Couthie was a modest Greeting Cards venture (with 100s of different designs), and then newly incorporated. Based on the wife’s notion…Continue readingSomething Couthie

Ecomonkey Green Rewards

One of our major projects went beta last month., our Green Rewards website is a first, probably. And it’s not any old green shopping website, nor any old Green Rewards programme. Deceptively simple on the surface, it was nevertheless unique and really far too clever under the bonnet (more about that later).Continue readingEcomonkey Green Rewards